Wilton Martinez is a Peruvian visual anthropologist and producer. He holds an M.A. in visual anthropology and a Ph.D. in social anthropology from the University of Southern California. Wilton currently teaches anthropology at the University of Maryland University College and is a visiting professor with the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. He is also president of the Center for Visual Anthropology of Peru and works as a visual anthropology consultant and producer in Peru, the U.S. and other countries.

    Wilton has conducted research on the educational use and the reception of ethnographic films and has published related articles in various countries. His award-winning productions have been created both independently and in collaboration with anthropologists, NGOs, indigenous organizations, and with various institutions and private organizations. Wilton is currently working in collaboration with anthropologist Paul Gelles on the production of a new documentary, Transnational Fiesta: Twenty Years Later, a “sequel” to the original Transnational Fiesta: 1992.

                                                        Contact:   wmartinez@ethnovisions.net


Contact Wilton Martinez directly about producing and consulting on ethnographic documentary, visual anthropology, social advocacy and community media-based projects.


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