Training and Rehearsal


5:30 min.

Recorded in Kandy, Sri Lanka, 1987-89.

Directed by Wilton Martinez / Production: Susan A. Reed and Wilton Martinez

Research: Susan A. Reed / Written & Narrated by Susan A. Reed

Camera & Sound: Susan A. Reed / Editing & DVD Authoring: Wilton Martinez

Funding & support: National Science Foundation, Bucknell University, Society of Dance History Scholars

Distributed by The University of Wisconsin Press

Duration: 14 minutes

This video is recommended for teaching about subjects including:

dance and performance

dance schools and formal training


Sinhala cultural and national identity

Southeast Asian studies

This film includes excerpts from two training sessions with children and young women at the Tittapajjala Suramba's village dance school. The school, established in 1931 and named Sri Lanka Deshiya Kalayatanaya in 1955, is generally considered to be the finest Kandyan dance school in the country. Like all dance schools, the Tittapajjala school is run according to regulations laid out by the Cultural Ministry.

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